How do I 'Sync'?

I’ve recently just taken on some new teams, and started introducing myself to the Leads of those teams, and I was thinking to myself… How should I kick this off?


Normally I start with a fun “Getting to know you” exercise that I borrowed from Lara Hogan a few years ago, and then try and work with you to figure out goals that we can work toward, and also how best you expect me to help you get there.

While I still think this is worthwhile process, and I’m planning on following this format again because it’s all prepared & achieves the goals that I want, I thought I’d go and do some further reading and jot down my thoughts.

Then I came across this post, from Rands back in 2010, called “The Update, The Vent, and The Disaster, and he words it so much better than I ever could. Stop now and go and read it – if you haven’t already!

I had planned to share a bunch of words with you, as well as a checklist that I’ve used previously, as well as a series of steps you can take as your syncs mature, but I think that if you’ve read that post, that’s enough for now.

In fact, I think I’ll even update my Management README section on “syncs” or “1-1’s” to just link to that post, that’s how much I enjoyed it, and agree with it.

So that’s it for today, … guess this is just an update?

I'm Pat Hermens, an Australian that's spent a decent amount of time living & working in the Netherlands.
I am a .NET developer (for the last 20 years or so), a technical manager, a public speaker, a happy husband and father, but most of all; I'm just a nerd.
I'm currently a Director of Software Engineering at Slalom Build in Sydney, Australia, and I was previously Development Manager at Coolblue in Rotterdam, NL.

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