How do I 'Sync'?

I’ve recently just taken on some new teams, and started introducing myself to the Leads of those teams, and I was thinking to myself… How should I kick this off?


Time for a new introduction

I started my 2018 retrospective by questioning what motivates me, which has been a big part of my bio for a long time. Do “interesting problems & inspiring solutions” still “get me out of bed in the morning”? In this post I’ll talk about why that’s not necessarily the case, and what’s going to replace it.


Wow, what a year

For a long time, my introductory paragraph has read “…interesting challenges get me out of bed in the morning!”, but it’s been a while since I’ve validated that as a fact.

As 2018 draws to a close (and I get closer to some of the deadlines for my long-term goals), now is as good a time as any to revalidate that I’m happy with that sentiment, and that I’m still doing my best to ensure that it’s still the case…