Hi, I'm Pat.

I speak at technology events around the world, often with a focus on continuous integration, continuous delivery and the mindset required to be successful in these areas; occasionally diving deeper into developer mentality and/or leadership topics.
I believe in making my talks light and lively, but at the same time ensuring there are clear drivers for attendees.

Thankfully, in my current day job of Development Manager at Coolblue (one of the largest e-commerce retailers in the Netherlands), I am in a position to drive these changes, and then “report back” with the learnings we’ve made. Some of my most successful presentations stem from these real-world exercises, experiments & achievements.

I have also done in-house talks for all sorts of organisations that have been tailored to their specific needs. From casual brown bag meetings to coverage of a specific agenda, these talks are a great way for a company to get valuable insights with minimum overhead.

If you’d like me to speak at your event (or internally at your company) then please feel free to start a conversation on twitter: @phermens, or email me.


If you’re interested as to how I present, what I look like, or what you can expect… I’ve pulled together a few of the recordings of the talks that I’ve given previously, and they are available over here.

Upcoming public events

2019-04-02: CodeMotion Amsterdam, NL - From 100, to 1000+ deployments a day.

2019-05-19: 4DotNet Developer Days, Meppel, NL - Keynote presentation.

Previous public events

2019-03-13: FutureTech, Utrecht, NL - From Developer, to Development Manager. Slides + video to follow.

2018-12-14: SDN event, December 2018, Zeist, NL - From Developer to Development Manager. Slides + video.

2018-12-12: NISI Continuous Delivery 3.0, Utrecht University, NL - Guest Lecturer.

2018-11-22: DevTalksJnr, Bucharest, Romania - From Developer to Development Manager.

2018-10-18: PowerShell Conference Asia 2018, Singapore - two sessions:
1: From 100 to 1,000+ deployments a day! Slides + Video
2: Creating a complete pipeline in as few questions as possible. Video

2018-10-01: Techorama NL, CiniMec Ede, NL - From 100 to 1,000+ deployments a day!

2018-06-15: SDN event, June 2018, Zeist, NL - A Coolblue CI/CD Story. Slides + Video.

2018-05-23: Techorama BE, Antwerp, BE - From 100 to 1,000+ deployments a day!

2017-10-12: TechDays Netherlands, Amsterdam, NL - Faster to master without disaster. Video available here.

2017-07-05: Betabit Microservices Evenement, Rotterdam, NL - Microservices, because everyone wants to be cool.

2017-03-08: Amsterdam .Net user group, Amsterdam, NL - Demoing C#, on AWS Lambda.

2017-02-21: Coolblue’s Behind the Scenes, Rotterdam, NL - Using the Elastic Stack as a .Net developer.

2016-04-22: Coolblue’s Behind the Scenes, Rotterdam, NL - Dealing with offline dependencies.

2015-11-12: Coolblue’s Behind the Scenes, Rotterdam, NL - On the shoulders of giants.