Hi, I'm Pat.

I speak at technology events around the world, often with a focus on continuous integration, continuous delivery and the mindset required to be successful in these areas; occasionally diving deeper into developer mentality and/or leadership topics.
I believe in making my talks light and lively, but at the same time ensuring there are clear calls-to-action for attendees.

Thankfully, in my current role at Slalom Build (one of the largest AWS & Azure delivery partners), and previously as a Development Manager at Coolblue (one of the largest e-commerce retailers in the Netherlands), I’ve been in a position to drive these changes, and then “report back” with the learnings we’ve made. Some of my most successful presentations stem from these real-world exercises, experiments & achievements.

I have also done in-house talks for all sorts of organisations that have been tailored to their specific needs. From casual brown bag meetings to coverage of a specific agenda, these talks are a great way for a company to get valuable insights with minimum overhead.

If you’d like me to speak at your event (or internally at your company) then please feel free to start a conversation on twitter: @phermens, or email me.


If you’re interested as to how I present, what I look like, or what you can expect… I’ve pulled together a few of the recordings of the talks that I’ve given previously, and they are available over here.

Previous public events

2019-06-06: Bloemert TechEvent, Slaghorst, NL - “Culture, DevOps, and an AMA”.

2019-05-16: 4DotNet Developer Days, Meppel, NL - Keynote - Finding the Second Story.

2019-04-02: CodeMotion Amsterdam, NL - From 100, to 1000+ deployments a day.

2019-03-13: FutureTech, Utrecht, NL - From Developer, to Development Manager. Slides + video to follow.

2018-12-14: SDN event, December 2018, Zeist, NL - From Developer to Development Manager. Slides + video.

2018-12-12: NISI Continuous Delivery 3.0, Utrecht University, NL - Guest Lecturer.

2018-11-22: DevTalksJnr, Bucharest, Romania - From Developer to Development Manager.

2018-10-18: PowerShell Conference Asia 2018, Singapore - two sessions:
1: From 100 to 1,000+ deployments a day! Slides + Video
2: Creating a complete pipeline in as few questions as possible. Video

2018-10-01: Techorama NL, CiniMec Ede, NL - From 100 to 1,000+ deployments a day!

2018-06-15: SDN event, June 2018, Zeist, NL - A Coolblue CI/CD Story. Slides + Video.

2018-05-23: Techorama BE, Antwerp, BE - From 100 to 1,000+ deployments a day!

2017-10-12: TechDays Netherlands, Amsterdam, NL - Faster to master without disaster. Video available here.

2017-07-05: Betabit Microservices Evenement, Rotterdam, NL - Microservices, because everyone wants to be cool.

2017-03-08: Amsterdam .Net user group, Amsterdam, NL - Demoing C#, on AWS Lambda.

2017-02-21: Coolblue’s Behind the Scenes, Rotterdam, NL - Using the Elastic Stack as a .Net developer.

2016-04-22: Coolblue’s Behind the Scenes, Rotterdam, NL - Dealing with offline dependencies.

2015-11-12: Coolblue’s Behind the Scenes, Rotterdam, NL - On the shoulders of giants.